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About Me Thank you for considering me as your coach. As a former business executive, I have had firsthand experience with the value a coach can bring to job performance and career success. That is why I started my coaching firm over 20 years ago. I have coached in many industries as well as non-profits. My focus is supporting you in removing roadblocks to enable you to become more successful.

To improve the quality of their leadership, leaders need honest feedback and an experienced perspective that only a practiced coach or mentor can provide. Coaching helps accomplished executives further refine their capabilities by providing confidential input to improve outcomes. Coaching also provides discreet, objective insights into the strengths and weaknesses of one's leadership style, suggestions for improved leadership strategies and many times guidance on professional and personal dilemmas. Coaching is an investment leaders make in themselves.

I think of effective leadership as an art form. You get better at it the more you study, practice and obtain insightful input. I have found over and over again that my clients generally know what to do but just cannot see the solution amidst the chaos of the situation. A coach is there to listen and using their experience, "connect the dots."

I also coach extensively in the religious community. You can learn more at

The best way to determine if someone is a good fit as a coach is to talk to them. I will be glad to have a conversation with you to see if we should work together.

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